Cast & Crew

EQT - Cast & Crew

Toghether with the good folks over at Crosby and EQT, I got the chance to direct, design and animate an explainer for one of EQT’s latest investments - Cast & Crew, one of the leading players in offering production tools for Hollywood studios.

Client - EQT // Agency - Crosby // Direction, design & animation - Lage Lind // Sound design - Ponytail


The Process

Starting off with a mood board is a great way to go if the project is open for any visual direction, so that’s where I started. From there I created a storyboard detailing all the key shots in the animation. Once that was approved, I created all the full designs for each frame in the storyboard. This is a great way to ensure there are no suprises for both parties along the way.

The mood board for EQT Cast & Crew

The mood board for EQT Cast & Crew


I always start out with a simple storyboard, trying to get the message across as fast and clear as i can. This stage is all about tuning in the over all storyline of the animation, as such, it’s not very detailed and contains very rough sketches paired with a describing text.



Once the rough storyboard is approved i start finalizing the design and replacing all the rough storyboard images for a representation of the final animation. Once all the designed key frames are approved itäs time to start animating everything!