I had the pleasure of working together with Bellbird to create a short informational piece for SealFX, showcasing the benefits of using ther technology to minimize risks when dealing with large currency exchanges.

Client - SealFX // Agency - Bellbird // Design - Alex Johnsson, additional design by Lage Lind // Animation - Lage Lind



Often times I like to start by sitting down with the client and come up with some visual ideas for the story together. After that, i draft up a storyboard together with some styleframes to make sure we’re heading in the right direction. From there we can start changing details in the film and finalize the story.


Once we all agree on the story and details of the animation, it’s time to focus on the design. I take the storyboard and finalize the design of every frame so that everyone is on board before I start animating the piece. This time around AD Alex Johnsson had already done most of the assets used, so i only had to do some minor tweaks and build the character sitting at the desk.