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Back in August 2018 I started an art project on the community. The idea was to create an animated exquisite corpse with a large number of people. Anyone could join in and we ended up being 18 different animators who designed and animated 3 seconds each. All the animators could only see the last .5 seconds of the previus animation and draw inspiration from that.

Created by Lage Lind


Lage Lind, Nolan Downs, Peter Champelli, John McColgan, Nina Tsur, Colton Geil, Brent Walker, Alex Bradt, Pencil Bandit, Lucas Habouche, Rob Barrett, Pip Williamson, Sebastian Ramn, Finnlan Wilson, Mathieu Durand, Benoit Massé, Michiel Kloppenburg, Sam Brandon

Sound Design

The Chicken - additional guitarr by Nick Cool